Company quality

Quality is a key aspect for Rull, and is essential for providing an unbeatable service.

We currently have an AENOR-certified quality system in accordance with international standard UNE -EN -ISO 9001:2008, which certifies our production process.


Qualities of the products

Sustainable signage - Ecodesign 100% recyclable aluminium supports High quality lacquer Lacquer on the rear side High-performance graphic reproduction High UV protection UV and anti-graffiti protection Hazard class IV autoclave-treated wood Hazard class IV autoclave-treated laminated wood Final finish with wood stain Lacquered Corten steel Natural Corten finish Wrought iron effect paint High-quality methacrylate plates High-impact resistant plates Easy installation
Sustainable signage - Ecodesign

Rull Señalización Responsable has embraced the new environmental sensitivity by applying ecodesign criteria across its entire range of sustainable signage.

100% recyclable aluminium supports

Aluminium is fully recyclable and more environmentally-friendly than other materials.
Material 100% recyclable indefinitely.

High quality lacquer

Lacquer with 2c POLYURETHANE acrylic enamel.

Lacquer on the rear side

Lacquer and corrosion protection on the rear side.

High-performance graphic reproduction

1) Plotter cut, the vinyl selected is molten PVC, and has a minimum duration of 10 years.
2) Digital printing on permanent vinyl using eco-solvent pigmented inks for outdoor signage.

High UV protection

UV filter. Helps protect graphics from superficial scratches.

UV and anti-graffiti protection

- Anti-graffiti protection.
- Facilitates cleaning of surfaces.
- Colours are brighter for longer.
- Intensifies colours, achieving excellent graphic enhancement.

Hazard class IV autoclave-treated wood

Wood impregnated in CLASS IV "vacuum-pressure” autoclave.

Hazard class IV autoclave-treated laminated wood

Profiles in glue-laminated pine wood, with polished faces and rounded corners, offer a highly resistant structural functionality.

Final finish with wood stain

Wood stains offer high resistance to UV rays, are elastic, water repellent and also incorporate fungicides and insecticides to prevent mould, woodworm and termite infestation.

Lacquered Corten steel

Special blasting, oxidation, stop bath and varnish treatment.
Exceptional quality aesthetic finish.

Natural Corten finish

The surface rusting of Corten steel forms a film of oxide that is impermeable to water and water vapour, and which prevents the oxidation of the steel from continuing into the interior of the piece.
100% recyclable

Wrought iron effect paint

Owing to its formulation with metal pigments, it offers excellent protection for signage exposed to the weather, as well as an attractive wrought iron appearance.

High-quality methacrylate plates

Cast methacrylate plate with anti-vandalism properties and UV filter*, gloss finish.

High-impact resistant plates

The plate on which the graphic or design is printed is 3 mm thick and incorporates anti-vandalism properties and a UV filter*. Gloss finish.

Easy installation

Mounting or installing the signs is simple, you just need to follow a few steps.